5 senses rally

The participants will walk over little paths and discover the beautiful nature. During this activity the participants will follow a roadbook with instructions on and they will need to use a map to orientate them selves.

Duration : The activity lasts for 3 hours, but it can be adapted.




The Activity:



We organise a nice and short walk thru the wonderful nature.

The particpants will use a map to orientate themselves and follow the
instructions on a roadbook. The aim is to connect the checkpoints in the right
order and of course, not to get lost !


Insctructors will be waiting for the teams in order to organise funny
teambuilding exercices. They will all be based on the 5 senses.

The goal for the different teams will be to connect the checkpoints in a certain order and especially take the right way.



Underway our instructors team will be waiting for the teams at the checkpoints and organise fun and teambuilding exercises. All these exercises are based on the 5 senses …

A slice of adrenaline, an ounce of competition, a relaxed atmosphere : everything is made to create good memories and good laughs.






• Sens of smell

The more fragrances you will smell, the more difficult it will get to recognise them.



• Sense of sight

the participants will need to pass through a giant spider web, the web is connected to little bells.

You will have to try passing through the web without making the bells ring. The web will be about 12 m long. An extra difficulty would be to place pictures on the web for the team members to recognise.



• Sense of hearing

The exercise is based on the « bush telegraph » game. Your
team will be divided into 3 groups.

The first group will have to look carefully at a drawing. After an
allocated time, the first group has to explain as precisely as possible what
they saw. The second group must then tell the last group what they have
understood. At the end, the last (third) group must answer question about the



• Sense of taste 

Exercise that is particularly appreciated by the different teams. They will have to taste and try to recognize different well-known Belgian beers and cheeses.



• Sense of touch

The team will have to find out which objects are hidden under a sheet. They all are of different sizes, materials and some are … pretty odd