Looking for the blue pearl

Through this activity the participants will discover the various facets of the town of Spa and its forests with the famous sources.

Teambuilding – «Looking for the blue pearl»

All activities will be organised that way so they are accessible for any one in the group ; if you think one or more exercises are not a good idea, it’s possible for us to change the countenance. We make sure there will be a good and pleasant ambiance.

Your Request :

Our goal is to make you discover the city of Spa, the forests and the many sources of mineral water, thanks to a treasure hunt.

Based on the fun, the team spirit and the team building, a group of 20 to 200 people can take part in all the activities.

Choose your leader, name your team and create a rallying cry. You then receive a map and a compass. You are all set to find the checkpoints, succeed the challenges and gather information about the location of the « blue pearl ».

All activities are made to be acceissible for everyone in your group. It is always possible for us to change the schedule if you think one activity is not doable. We make sure your journey runsthrough a good and pleasant atmosphere.

Duration :

+/- 4 hours


We propose a ‘rally’ by team with several teams of 12 – 14 people, the distribution of the groups should be done according to certain internal criteria with the company. Each team will have to appoint a captain for its team, to find a name and a rallying cry …; these names and cries will be noted by the official “jury”…

During the orientation rally, teams will have to pass by various checkpoints where our team await them with tests. The first goal for all the teams is to be directed using a detailed army map and a compass, the teams will have a different order at the checkpoints.

It is through the various tests that the teams will gain clues concerning the location of the blue pearl. we also organize a system of marks which will be noted on the “score card” of each team; our instructors will write down the marks. Our instructors will be present permanently to help the teams and to make sure there is a good atmosphere. Of course also for security matters !


Sky diving:

free falling simulation where the teams will have to try to form a maximum of figures within the allocated time , and this on ‘ bodyboards’, kind of large board with caster on the ground.


Using a limited material: racks, boards, tires, etc… the team have to be inventive to manage to cross the quicksand without touching the ground

Mr Jaques:

exercise where the teams will meet a mysterious character (tramp) and will take part in a test where they will have to recognize objects dissimulated in his paperboards

the laser : the participants must manage to point on a target with a laser using mirrors. , to arrive there they will have to use small mirrors. A perfect cohesion of the team is necessary

The game:

The teams will have to face our game masters through several old folk wooden games

Harmony game:

Observation and communication games based on the principle of the bush telegraph will ask your team harmony, observation and communicative skills.

Turn around:

One of the participants will have to take seat on a giant ball, the team will have to make the ball roll through a slalom