Wake up the Rambo that is hidden in you, plunge into the forest, live unforgettable moments and stand alone winner! Perched on a tower or at the bottom of a trench, shoot the opponent who ventures there … Experience the sensation of an armed conflict in peace and fellowship.

Number of participants: minimum 8 people – maximum 60 people




This activity involves eliminating your opponents with air guns firing paintballs.

We put at your disposal “Tipmann 98 Custom” rifles as well as paintballs adapted to the season. 


The playground is located in the middle of the woods about 7 kilometers from our activity center (Coo). It is equipped with guard towers, protective barriers and a safety zone where you can rest for a while during the game.


For your safety and protection, we also offer you masks as well as specific combinations. However, we advise you to dress warmly in cold weather (gloves, thick jacket).


Supervised by our team of professionals, this activity will assess the character of some team members. Strategy, team spirit, bravery, defense, compliance with the rules, protection and daring will be appreciated!