Smuggling monks

We propose an team orientation rally thru the wonderful « Amblève Valley », the rally will take you to beautiful town of Stavelot.

Teambuilding – “The smugglers route of the monks”

The activity :

We propose an team orientation rally thru the wonderful « Amblève Valley », the rally will take you to beautiful town of Stavelot. The teams will pass the nicest places around. Their goal will be to go visit different checkpoints where we wait for the teams and were we organise small team challenges and games. Each team will receive an adventure bag, in this bag they will find a compass and a detailed army map. On the map the different checkpoints will be marked, so the teams know how they should walk.

All challenges will be organised in a nice and humoristic way, so there will be a sympatic and relaxed ambiance, with a slice of adrenaline and competition here and there.

The tour will be about 7 km.

Theme :

As this activity end’s up at the wonderful Abby of Stavelot with it’s rich historical story, the main theme will be the monks and the smuggler route they organised…

The teams will walk on the traces of the monks, these monks organised a perfect route to smuggle food and drinks into the abbey to help the poor population who lived under pressure of the awful “Wibald” ; kind of cardinal and protector of the abbey city. The problem was the he kept all the good food and drinks for his guards and staff…

So at night the monks went out of the abbey secretly to go get food and drinks in the farms and smuggle in the abbey these items : cheese, milk, beer, wine, butter, ham, etc….

• during the walk the 3 teams will walk with a donkey to carry the food and drink they win.

Check-points :

• Quick sand:

during their walk the monks had to pass a quick sand area, so the participants will also have to pass this area. The goal at this exercise will be to build a bridge to cross this area

• the area:

a good monk needs to be able to recognise the products they produce, so during this exercise the group will need to recognise some typical beers and cheeses.

• the duel:

it happens that some of the monks where catched by the guards, in this case they had to find a good excuse or try to escape… the teams will meet one of these guards for a « duel » ; they will have to play against this guard and try to solve some brain crackers. If they win they can continue if not, we’ll see…

Timing: (just as example)

13h30 departure with own cars to Stavelot, you’ll follow Adrenaline Events

13h45 departure with a city bus to Wanne (+/- 10 minutes)

14h00 start of the activity 

17h00 end of the activity and return of the participants at the abbey

• close out drink with two special beers (brune de Stavelot) and cheeses + salami here we do the results

• during this activity we’ll organise « beverage corner » with soft drinks and ‘candy-bars’